Design Services

Norseman offers a comprehensive array of services to bring your idea into being.

Modular Buildings

Custom container conversions or from-scratch designs to meet any need.

Modular Interior Build-outs

Stand alone interior structures for any application.

Complete Facilities

Cultivation facilities for indoor or outdoor farming applications.

Comprehensive Design Wisdom

   The Norseman team uses the combined efforts of Architects, Engineers, and Designers with specialized experience in building design & construction, industrial process design, product design, as well as system design & integration. Every one of Norseman’s designs benefit from the synergy developed by cross-industry experience.

   Our approach to design not only incorporates all the desires of the customer and regulatory requirements, but also considers the flow of personnel, product movement, security, long term use, tax advantages, energy efficiency, operating costs, and the environment. We strive to produce world-class designs that will set the standard for all of your future projects.

   We specialize in modular design and construction, because we’ve found the benefits to be far superior to that of traditional construction. Using modular components provides exceptional design characteristics, produces a higher quality product, is easier to maintain or replace, stands up to use, can be reused, and provides significant long-term cost savings.

   Whether your main concern is cost-efficiency, output, or beauty, if your project is in the initial planning stages or has already begun to take shape our team can get and keep you on the path to success. Once we’ve involved network of professionals there is no limit to what we can achieve together.

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