Extraction Solutions

Norseman offers a comprehensive array of extraction solutions to get you operational on budget.

EXLab Extraction labs

Custom container conversions or from-scratch designs to meet any need.

BIPLab extraction labs

Stand alone interior structures for any application.

Extraction Facilities

Cultivation facilities for indoor or outdoor farming applications.

The Need for Safe Extraction

   There are many different industries using various methods to extract oils and their constituent compounds from plant materials such as stalks, bark, leaves, flowers, and seeds. Most commonly this is used to produce essential oils & herbal extracts in the food and drug industries, rather than producing them synthetically. There are many other industries using similar processes to plant oil extraction.

   Multiple methods are used to produce extracts including Cold Press, Water Distillation, Enfleurage (Lipid Infusion), Steam, CO², and Solvent or Hydrocarbon Extraction. The extraction method depends on the compound to be extracted, the material it’s extracted from, and the efficiency level desired. The use of solvents & hydrocarbons has proven to be the most efficient and yield a very high-quality product.

    Several types of extraction may be done in a standard GMP compliant space, but the use of solvents can complicate the process due to the special requirements associated with the use and storage of flammable or explosive compounds. Failure to follow these guidelines has resulted in numerous fires, explosions, injuries, property damage, and even deaths. Analytical labs, offshore installations, oil & gas facilities, as well as military operations use these labs for other purposes while following strict guidelines for design and use.

   The Norseman team identified these hazards as a problem we could mitigate. There is no reason to risk life and limb when you could use one of our C1D1, C1D2, or CO2 labs to protect your property and, most importantly, preserve life and health. We have designed our EXLabs to exceed all codes related to the use of solvents (we found they were not sufficient in some cases). This means you can safely and confidently focus on production.