Modular Buildings

Norseman offers a comprehensive array of extraction solutions to get you operational on budget.

Commercial Modules

Durable, economical units to suit your needs.

Industrial Modules

Specialized units for a multitude of purposes.

Residential Modules

Innovative and flexible modular home designs.

The Modular Building Advantage

Modular buildings are revolutionizing the way that the world builds. There are many reasons more and more people choose modular buildings for the ultimate rapid, cost-effective, and efficient solution.


Modular buildings are completed offsite and brought to your location complete and ready for quick connection by site professionals. A controlled construction environment ensures quality control.


Since the module is completed offsite, there will be less down time for construction. You can keep your business running smoothly with minimal disruption.


   Modular building projects can be completed 25-50% faster than traditional construction methods. Since they’re built offsite, the site work (foundations, trenching, etc.) can be complete simultaneously, plus there are no weather delays.


The value created by the inclusive design and the site labor reduction mean that modular construction will cost less than traditional construction in the long run.


This building concept revolves around a standardized design and floorplan that accommodates many interior layout options. It is perfect for inserting into an existing structure or as a stand-alone structure.


There are several module types and floorplan designs to choose from. Matching your project needs with a modular option is easy.


Modular construction techniques are kind to our environment. They utilize recycled materials and are manufactured in a controlled environment, so they produce much less jobsite waste.


Modular construction projects use the most durable materials to ensure the life of your investment. With superior impact resistance, cleanability, airtightness, sound insulation, and fire ratings these systems are built to last.

When you choose to build modular, you’ll benefit from a fast, cost-effective, and efficient process with durable and environmentally friendly materials. Norseman specializes in delivering all of these positive aspects to your door.

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