Commercial Modules

Durable, Portable, and Reliable Modular Units

Units to Help you Get the Job Done

A Mod for Any Occasion

   Norseman has a full line of commercial units to meet nearly any need. We manufacture all of our modules to be code compliant and hold them all to strict quality control standards, with options such as fire rated walls, specialty coatings, and convenience fixtures. All of our units are designed to require the minimum amount of site setup and take-down, so getting up and running or changing locations will be as simple as possible. 

Best In Class Systems

Our packaged systems outperform competitors in performance, reliability and value.

Delivered To Your Door

We can manufacture and deliver your modules in as little as 6 weeks.

Designed By Experts

Each module has been meticulously engineered by our team of industry experts.

Code Compliant

Our modules are designed to meet all state, local, and national codes.

modular office
Office Modules

Portable Office Units.

modular bathroom
Bathroom Modules

Sinks, Water Closets, & Showers.

modular bunk room
Bunk Modules

Modules with beds and bathrooms.

storage container
Storage Modules

Dry or Cold Storage units.


What Would Serve You Best?

   We have many standard designs that may be modified to suit your needs. Request a quote today and we’ll help you find what’s right for you. 

Other Options

Drive-Thru Unit

Testing Lab Unit

Cool-Down Unit

Press Box Unit

Available Sizes

8′ X 20′       8′ X 40′       12′ X 20′       12′ X 40′

Built Off-Site. Delivered to Your Door.

All of our modules are engineered and manufactured off-site then delivered directly to the location of your project. 

container module offloading

Other Modular Building Options

Modular Design

Custom module designs to suit any need.


Portable, compliant extraction labs.

Industrial Modules

Durable, economical units to suit your needs.

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