Modular Cultivation

Norseman offers a full catalog of cultivation solutions and services to fit your plan and budget.


Portable, scalable, and affordable modular grow rooms to get you operational.

Grow Rooms

Build-In-Place modular cultivation rooms using our trusted designs.


Design your perfect cultivation facility with seasoned professionals.


Sustainable, energy efficient structures for year-round cultivation.


Versatile and affordable drying, dehydrating, & storage cultivation solutions.

Indoor Cultivation Concepts

Farming and cultivation operations have been highly studied and practiced throughout history. Many agricultural products have become commodities and must be priced competitively in order to be profitable. New cultivation solutions, improved processing operations, and improved infrastructure all contribute to a lower bottom-line.

   Today there are more indoor farming operations than ever before. The ability to control the cultivation climate and provide the proper enrichment to create the optimal growing environment are a major advantage. Indoor cultivation operations are optimal for extreme climates or in any situation where maximum output of produce or plant extract compounds are desired.

Outdoor farming operations benefit from improved support structures housing their pre- and post-processing operations as well. Efficient design concepts allow for small prefab greenhouses to service larger fields. We can help any cultivation operation achieve a level of efficiency and automation that will increase production and lower operational expenditures.

Whether choosing a pre-manufactured modular greenhouse building, adding modular improvements to your existing building, or building a new cultivation facility from scratch, we have many indoor cultivation options to help you achieve the next level of control.

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