Temperature and Humidity Controlled Units to Dry and Cure Your Cash Crops

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   The DryMod is a temperature-controlled drying and storage unit used during agricultural drying or curing processes. These units are equipped with an integral HVAC unit, dehumidifier and raised aluminum T-bar floors to help foster the drying and curing process. DryMods are made to transport, are stackable, weather-proof and insulated to a value of R-21. 

   DryMods are the simplest, quickest and most affordable way to dry and store your crops. With that in mind, they are manufactured to the highest industry standards, are GAP and GMP compliant, and have industrial seals to prevent outside contaminants from finding their way inside. The regulated airflow and dehumidification systems create the ideal conditions for drying, curing, and storage.

GAP & GMP Compliant

Our packaged systems outperform competitors in performance, reliability and value.

Delivered To Your Door

We can manufacture and deliver your DryMod in as little as 2 weeks.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

Each DryMod has been meticulously engineered to be used in any location.

Controlled Climate

Temperature and humidity controlled environment perfect for drying and storage.

Standard DryMod Features

container interior

Available Sizes

8′ X 40′

Do I Need A DryMod?

   Crops require proper handling and storage after a harvest to prevent the buildup of mold and mycotoxins. The drying process is essential to ensuring the crop can be used in processing. Without it, your crop’s value and profitability will plummet.

   Recommended drying temperature range between 60F-70F at 50% or lower humidity. Lower temperatures will prolong the drying process but will produce a higher quality product. Likewise, stepping the humidity down in stages instead of quickly drying will produce better results. Whether your crop will be processed for extraction or used in its raw form, DryMods are ideal for no-heat drying methods, meaning they won’t cook-off the extractable compounds of your crop.

Container Trailer 2

Go Mobile!

We have new and used container trailers for sale. Get your module and the means to move dropped off all at once.

Built Off-Site. Delivered to Your Door.

All of our modules are engineered and manufactured off-site then delivered directly to the location of your project. 

container module offloading

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