Modular Equipment

Norseman has a sizable offering of modular equipment to complete the construction of our (or anyone else’s!) designs.

Modular Panels

Affordable Metal Insulated Panels with high R-value and durability that are easy to install.


Specialized climate control solutions for extraction & cultivation.

CId1/CID2 Components

The best stock prices for hazardous location electrical equipment.

Modular Racking

Bulk prices for every need. Don't overpay for modular racking when you can get them wholesale!

Shipping Containers

The best prices straight from one of our many depots across the USA.

Contact our team for specs and pricing.

Sustainable Modular Building Philosophy

At Norseman, we are constantly looking for better technologies and techniques of sustainable modular building for a low carbon world. We use products produced for energy efficiency, safety, cost-efficiency, and a sustainable future.

  We believe in questioning the status quo and pushing the limits of design to achieve greater efficiency, lower project budgets, reduce operational expenses, create a higher return on investment, and ensure a clean future for generations to come.

 From the most durable and thermally efficient panel systems, the most energy-efficient modular HVAC equipment, and the most cost-effective accessories for your build, we have your best modular equipment. Our passion is finding the best solutions at the best prices and providing technical and field-service support to get the job done right the first time. 

Norseman, LLC

Lafayette, LA