ExLab Climate Control Considerations

Norseman’s HVAC Offering

   Norseman utilizes a packaged wall-mount HVAC unit as one of its offerings for climate control in our EXLabs. Typically for extraction processes the ideal interior temperature is between 60-70°F. Norseman’s packaged HVAC unit is very cost effective and will provide this stable interior atmosphere in more moderate climates. We also offer HVAC system upgrades that will provide a suitable climate in any environment. 

packaged hvac
temp sensor
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Parameters for Considering HVAC Upgrades

Extreme Temperatures

The standard HVAC unit draws air directly from outdoors and has the capacity to raise or lower the temperature of intake air by 30-35°F. Therefore, if the outdoor temperature is 100°F it will be capable of achieving 65-70°F without any extraction equipment running. If the outdoor temperature is 0°F it will only be able to achieve 30-35°F.

High Humidity

Extreme high humidity areas can reduce the effectiveness of the standard HVAC unit. It can lower its ability to heat and cool by 5-10°F. If your local humidity levels get higher than 85% and your temps get above 90°F you might find the interior environment warmer than desired using our standard HVAC unit.

HVAC Upgrade Options

Ducted Heaters

For climates where summer heat is not an issue but winters are frigid, adding ducted heaters to the EXLab will temper the cold incoming air to a more desirable level. This is the most cost-effective method of climate control because duct heaters are very inexpensive compared to other options. Our standard HVAC unit can still be utilized.

Upgraded HVAC Unit

In climates that are outside the parameters for effective use of our packaged HVAC unit and if adding heat isn’t enough, Norseman offers an upgraded HVAC unit that will control the interior temperature to within +/-2°F regardless of the exterior temperature. There are roof-mounted and pad-mounted versions available. These units are very efficient and Norseman’s most expensive option.

c1d1 extraction laboratories
EXLab Solo

Compliant and versatile, the C1D1 WT is perfect for a large-scale operation.

c1d1 interior extraction laboratory

A clean room environment combined with safety features to limit exposure to CO2.

CID1 c1d1 c1d2 explosion proof prefabricated extraction lab design
EXLab Duo

This unit provides a compliant C1D1 environment with a separate non-classified work area in one unit.

c1d1 extraction laboratory

A minimalist version of our labs. Maintains the safety systems, but without the fire rated walls.


Which EXLab Is Right For You?

   Each of our EXLabs can be setup to accommodate multiple workstations and technicians. However, your preferred extraction method will determine which model you will need. All four models come in four sizes to fit your space and operation.

   Norseman’s C1D1 and CO2 extraction labs are not only the safest portable units available today, but have also withstood the test of time for compliance and regulations.

Furthermore, EXLabs are delivered fully assembled and ready to go. There is very little work to be done to connect it to your infrastructure.

Available Sizes

8′ X 20′       8′ X 40′       12′ X 20′       12′ X 40′

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