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Which Modular Insulated Wall Panel Selection is Right for You?

   Norseman’s specialists can assess your situation and make recommendations. We’ll provide you with options, pricing, and the education you need to make the right selections. Our years of experience can help you choose the right product, or a combination of products, to best suit your project and budget. Check out our Panel FAQs for more information.

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Closed-Cell Foam
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Mineral Wool
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EPS Foam
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PVC Liner Panels
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Metal Insulated Exteriors
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Wide Span

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Superior Modular Panel Systems

We use highly versatile products. Our modular panel systems are ideal for new build construction with quick panel connections to get you installed and operating quickly. These products are also easy to remove and re-configure for facility expansion and they’re ideal for installing new areas in an existing structure as well. You can’t beat them for interior improvements, exterior cladding, or new construction.

Many facilities require precise control over temperature, humidity, CO² enrichment, light spectrum, and ventilation. If you cut corners, you risk losing an productivity, efficiency, failing inspections, or negating GMP compliance. Our panel systems provide the highest R-value for controlled environments delivering the highest level of energy efficiency and control.

The insulated ceiling panel joints offer superior airtightness, preventing thermal bridging and condensation. Our Fire Rated panels make sure issues in one area won’t spread throughout the entire facility.

From interior improvements, exterior cladding, or new construction our controlled environment solutions are perfectly crafted to meet your exacting requirements for any indoor environment.

Full Facilities Can be Shipped in as Little as Two Weeks!

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More Modular Equipment Options

Extraction Solutions

Extraction spaces for hazardous or non hazardous locations.

Cultivation Solutions

Controlled indoor or outdoor climates for any crop.

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Design Services

Design your perfect facility, interior improvement, of module.

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