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   Norseman has been recognized as a leading provider of modular design and infrastructure solutions. Our approach allows businesses to grow while staying on budget, beating schedule demands, and protecting people & the environment. We have staff General Contractors & Designers working with our network of Architects and Engineers to provide the best solutions for every project.

   With an easily recognizable brand, proprietary designs using innovative processes and services, Norseman has become the industry standard for growing, harvesting and extraction solutions and offers many other products for residential, commercial or industrial purposes. When you work with Norseman, you have access to our team of industry leaders whose collective experience and knowledge has reshaped the landscape by providing necessary solutions to the fundamental needs of businesses around the globe.

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Why Norseman?

  Norseman benefits our clients by helping them navigate all of the challenges involved with starting or expanding their business operations within their industry. When you work with Norseman you have access to Norseman’s team of industry experts, comprehensive research, streamlined process, and buying power.

  Norseman has consistently risen to the occasion to meet the rigorous demands and regulations of projects around the globe and then exceeded client expectations with our innovative solutions and industry insights.

  Whether you are established, or just starting out, Norseman has a full catalog of both portable and permanent infrastructure solutions for all of your needs.

Norseman's Team

  Norseman’s team has significant experience in the modular construction industry. They have played roles in oil & gas, facility design-build, agricultural, cannabis & hemp, commercial, industrial, and residential markets. Having been a part of the modular industry for an extended period of time has given them insight into the challenges businesses face in funding, operating, and maintaining their ventures. 

  They have a strong design team comprised of professionals from various backgrounds and industries, backed by fabricators with an eye for detail, and a support staff that goes the extra mile. Each member of Norseman’s team has been hand-selected based on complementary strengths and core values. They have curated a company culture that is driven, ethical, and innovative. 

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