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Factory Direct Pricing

What's Your Application?

   Whether you need racking for your warehouse and are considering something more robust, or are outfitting your cultivation areas and can use a more economical, lower-load selection, we can source your components factory-direct and cut out the middle men.

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Available Sizes

Shelf Widths

  • 24″
  • 30″
  • 36″
  • 42″
  • 48″

Beam Lengths

  • 48″
  • 60″
  • 72″
  • 84″
  • 96″

Column Heights

  • 7′
  • 8′
  • 12′
  • 20′

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Modular Racking, Grow Racks, Benches, & Tables

   There are many options for modular racking solutions in the cultivation industry. Many are tailored for specific processes or stages of growth. Some are simple warehouse racks with aftermarket additions to make them suitable for use in cultivation.

   Norseman designs all of it facilities to accommodate multiple types and sizes of equipment. We have seen nearly everything the market has to offer and have learned ways to save budget dollars by selecting just what is needed and nothing more.

   We have also developed close relationships with several modular racking and cultivation rack, table, and bench suppliers. We make it possible for you to take advantage of the specialty pricing and volume discounts we receive and get equipment that works well with your facility design and growing style. We understand indoor cultivation and can maximize your canopy square footage within your space. Our experience with designing cultivation facilities ensures you’ll make the most of your facility square footage.

Quick-Ship Sizes Arrive in Two Weeks!

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More Modular Equipment Options

Extraction Solutions

Extraction spaces for hazardous or non hazardous locations.

Modular Panels

Modular wall & ceiling panels tailored to your needs.

Cultivation Solutions

Controlled indoor or outdoor climates for any crop.

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Design Services

Design your perfect facility, interior improvement, of module.

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