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   Our team has decades of experience selecting and modifying containers and they can provide you the very best unmodified shipping containers. Whether it’s standard containers or ‘high cube’ units (with an extra foot of interior height) we have both used grades and one-trip units. You can be sure we’ll get you just what you need without breaking the bank.

40' shipping container
8'x40' Standard & High Cube

Standard ISO 40' used and one-trip containers.

20' shipping container
8'x20' Standard & High Cube

Standard ISO 20' used and one-trip containers.

refrigerated container
8'x40' High Cube Reefer

40' refurbished insulated & refrigerated units.

Contact our team for specs and pricing.

Container Trailer 2

Go Mobile!

We have new and used container trailers for sale. Get your module and the means to move dropped off all at once.

Some Things to Know About Shipping Containers

·        High cube this is an industry term for a 9’-6” tall unit. The standard units are 8’-6” tall, but these units are used when additional head room is needed on the interior.

·        ISO International Organization for Standardization (it used to have a different name, hence ISO) – this is the cheapest of the containers standardized for transport by a legitimate source. There are other standards (DNV, ABS, DIN, CSC, etc.) but they are put through much more rigorous tests.

·        1 trip These containers are brand new, shipped from China full of cargo and sold rather than shipping them back. Usually in the best condition.

·        CW – Cargo Worthy – Criterion under which a used shipping container is deemed suitable for the transport of cargo under TIR / UIC / CSC, and meets all the standards laid out in its original specification.  The CW Cargo worthy standard generally implies that the container has a valid CSC.  Cargo Worthiness can be certified by a third-party container surveyor pursuant to a physical inspection of the used shipping container.

·       WWT – Wind & Water Tight  – a criterion under which containers are literally “wind and water tight”. In short, if you are inside the container, you should not see any light coming through the panels or roof. This criterion however makes no reference to the quality of the understructure. A WWT container should not be considered safe for the transport of cargo unless it is explicitly confirmed it meets the CSC.

·        IICL Institute of International Container Lessors – this is an organization that inspects, repairs and grades shipping containers for resale. We typically deal in Grade A or B.

·        CSC – Convention for Safe Containers – established in 1972 to promote and maintain a high level of safety of human life in the transport and handling of containers. It provides generally acceptable test procedures and related strength requirements. This has helped facilitate the international transport of containers by providing uniform international safety regulations.

Most Units Ship Immediately!

Shipping Containers

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