Modular Building Design

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Modular Design and Build-Out

  The Norseman Team can design your units to maximize your capabilities by making the most efficient use of space, materials, and time. We will look at all aspects of the design to minimize expense, increase quality, streamline workflow, and decrease lead time. Our experts have designed and fabricated all manner of modules across various industries and continents, so there isn’t much they have haven’t seen and can help you make the most of your budget by avoiding amateur mistakes. Norseman is well versed in local, state, national and international building codes as well, so meeting building inspection requirements is no problem. 

Modular Design and Build Process

Shipping Containers

Why Choose Modular?

   Modular design offers flexibility, mobility, economy, and speed to market, not to mention resale value. The units can be placed nearly anywhere, are easily relocated, less expensive than ground-up construction and are complete and delivered in about half the time of conventional construction. If you’re moving to the next phase of your project or want to upgrade to a new module you easily find a buyer willing to pick them up. You’ll also benefit from the tax benefits associated with equipment sales vs. traditional construction.

Other Modular Building Options


Hazardous extraction environments with options.


Portable, scalable, and affordable options to get you operational.

Commercial Modules

Durable, economical units to suit any requirement.

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