Portable, Scalable and Affordable Grow Rooms for Compliant Cultivation Operations
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Introducing the GrowMod, a portable, stackable modular indoor growing environment perfect for cultivating your favorite cash crops. With six models to choose from & available in four different sizes, GrowMods are the easiest way for you to have the indoor cultivation space you need, where you need it.

When you purchase a GrowMod by Norseman you have a turnkey indoor farming solution that fits your space and budget. With the ability to grow year-round in a controlled indoor cultivation environment, you have complete control throughout the entire cultivation process. 

If you’ll be indoor farming for any crop, our GrowMod is the right choice to get you growing fast. Plug and play!

Best In Class Systems

Our packaged systems outperform competitors in performance, reliability and value.

Delivered To Your Door

We can manufacture and deliver your GrowMod in as little as 6 weeks.

Designed By Experts

Each GrowMod has been meticulously engineered by our team of industry experts.

Versatile Design

Begin with our GrowMod and customize the inside to suite your own cultivation needs.

Standard GrowMOD Features

Compatible Uses

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GrowMod SD

Our standard units are fully outfitted for any grow operation and ready to receive equipment. This product line is best suited for LED, florescent, and less energy intense options. As such, they are typically outfitted for: Food Production, Mothers, Pollination, Tissue Culture, Clones, Nurseries, Vegetation, and even Flower or Bloom Rooms.

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GrowMod HD

Our Heavy-Duty models, equipped with extra HVAC capacity for high energy demand systems. These units are best suited when high output lighting systems such as HPS are used or required. They are typically outfitted for: Food Production, Vegetation, and Flower or Bloom Rooms, but are also used for all other configurations in extreme climates.


Which GrowMod Is Right For You?

Each of our GrowMods can be setup to accommodate your specific growing methods. All GrowMods are fully insulated and free of outside contaminants, creating the ideal indoor cultivation environment. Moreover, they are durable and weatherproof, and can be placed indoors or outside. GrowMods provide an energy and water efficient atmosphere and are powered with dynamic climate controls paired with top of the line HVAC systems. 

Available Sizes

8′ X 20′       8′ X 40′       12′ X 20′       12′ X 40′

Built Off-Site. Delivered to Your Door.

All of our modules are engineered and manufactured off-site then delivered directly to the location of your project. 

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More Indoor Cultivation Options

Interior Build-Out

Modular interior build outs using our tried and true designs.


Sustainable, energy efficient structures for year-round cultivation.


Design your perfect cultivation facility from the ground up.

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